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Research In Motion Acquisition Cellmania

Soon after updating store applications on the net, the BlackBerry App World, Research In Motion infrastructure specialists to acquire a virtual application store, Cellmania.

"Cellmania very pleased to announce that our company is part of Research In Motion," wrote Cellmania on the main page of his official site.

RIM has confirmed the news to the PCWorld site. "Cellmania will bring expertise in application development shops, to the BlackBerry platform," said RIM.

Cellmania is a company originated in Mountain View California United States which was founded in 1999.

This company has been developing mobile infrastructure Cellmania, like Apple's App Store infrastructure, work on content distribution networks, and enables operators to control the main screen mobile phone subscribers.

In addition to technology owned by Cellmania, RIM will also get a pretty valuable asset of human resources, ie, co-founder and CEO of Cellmania, Ronjon Nag.

Nag is a PhD graduated from Cambridge and an MBA from MIT, who has served as vice president of Motorola.

He mastered the field of human interface (human interface) and is the founder and CEO of Lexicus, the company pioneers in the field of voice recognition technology and handwriting, which was then acquired by Motorola in 1993.

Just maybe, the presence of Nag at RIM team can provide incentives for innovation in the areas of operating systems, user interfaces, and software ecosystem, to compete with Android and Apple iPhone.


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