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Sony Ericsson want to be primary supplier for Android phone

As an open operating system, Android can indeed be adopted by any other smart phone vendors. No doubt many vendors are competing to serve Google's operating system for product smart phone, Sony Ericsson is no exception. According to the BusinessWeek report, Sony Ericsson plans and hopes to become the world's major producers for Android-based smart phone.

Sony Ericsson's statement is confirmed by its CEO, Bert Nordberg, in which Sony Ericsson claims it has mastered 17% Android smart phone market. Meanwhile, the market leader for Android phones now controls 23%.

Although Sony Ericsson did not explicitly mention the name of leading vendors who use the services of Android as an operating system of their phones, but known to be dealing directly with HTC, Motorola, and Samsung. Only, when compared with competitors that Sony Ericsson is considered less well established. Because, from the product was limited to Sony Ericsson's new phones XPperia X10, X10 Mini, and Mini Pro X10. Meanwhile, other Android phones such as the X8 has not also present in the market.

In fact, there is a report we quoted from electronista, mentions that the company is headquartered in London, England was relatively slow to play in the smart phone market, where the transition of marketing at Sony Ericsson smart phones tend to decline. While HTC and Samsung are competitors instead of natural growth.

Sure, Sony Ericsson does not target how long it would be the first in Android phone market. However, with fiercer competition, flavor-taste 'ideals' Sony Ericsson is a bit difficult to materialize


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