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BlackBerry App World improvement

Virtual application store for BlackBerry handsets, handset, the BlackBerry App World finally get a refresher.
As quoted from the site Mashable, the store's application has now slid beta and can be accessed by everyone. BlackBerry App World experienced some improvement from the previous.

BlackBerry subscribers now finally able to buy applications using credit cards major credit cards such as VISA or Mastercard. Some carriers also support the billing systems of these applications store.

Price limit of U.S. $ 2.99 application has also been abolished. The developers who want to sell their application at this store, the price is only U.S. $ 0.99 or U.S. $ 1.99, now can.

BlackBerry App World also provides a tabbed section with 25 free apps list, pay applications, new applications, as well as new applications and themes that are updated.

In addition, the BlackBerry App World is now also supports scanning for a QR barcode that is only in the mobile-phone iPhone and Android.

But there is also bad news from the new version of the application store. Along this refresher, RIM actually citing greater benefits from more developers than ever before.

If the previous profit-sharing ratio between the developer and RIM from each application sold in the BlackBerry App World is 80/20, now changed to 70/30.

This scheme is similar to those applied in the Apple App Store or the Android Market. But of course this is going to make a lot of BlackBerry application developers disappointed.


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