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Nokia launch new update ovi maps

Not only announced some of the latest smart phone, the Nokia World event in the UK Nokia also announced the addition of features on Ovi Maps. Pulse was quoted as saying that the software from electronista Ovi Maps has received some significant updates. One result of the existence of the update feature to check in on Ovi Maps service.

With these new features users have the opportunity to 'check in' on social networking sites like Facebook, RenRen (social networking sites from China), and StudiVZ (Switzerland). To use this feature too easily claimed, whereby users can simply enter the application via a web browser Ovi. And, a new menu option called 'check-in' was already available.

In addition to these features were added to check in, there are still some other features that are packaged together Ovi Maps update this. Call Traffic data direct access in real time, and public transportation maps for more than 85 cities in the world. Interestingly, for ^ 3 Symbian phone users will have the features of 'gesture control'.

For business search facility (Search) Maps Ovi software had already been repaired. As a result users can more easily explore the many interesting objects. According to the info, Ovi Maps updated version will be officially released before the end of this year. Only, its beta version will soon be enjoyed by audiences at this September.


  1. zehar


    We are love to see the Nokia new updated OVI maps in their smartphones. OVI maps are one of the cool Gadgets in modern business world.

    June 16, 2011 at 10:50 PM
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