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Water Cooling for Memory Modules Kingston

For gamers who like to assemble heavyweight own computer, a good cooling system is absolute. It is recognized correctly by Kingston.

Therefore, especially for heavy gamers, the Kingston introduces triple DDR3 memory and dual channel water cooled. "Cooling water is preferred because the quiet and reliable in the long term," said a spokesman for Kingston, Mark Tekunoff, as reported by TG Daily.

"HyperX H2O is an offer from us for a performance user. Our goal is to let users of all levels and interests have Kingston products are suited to their needs."

Kingston HyperX DDR3 has three products in the ranks of his new H2O: two 4GB dual-channel unit (2000MHz, 2133MHz) and 6GB triple-channel that runs at 2000MHz. The latter will dibanderol with the price 235 dollars. The 4GB dual-channel unit sold for 157 dollars and 205 dollars 2000MHz version of the U.S. to 2133MHz version.

O yes, Kingston HyperX modules are also renamed "Genesis." The core of the HyperX family is blu, and Genesis and the X series that offers a variety of solutions with density and frequency for users of all levels.

In order not to upset, H2O addressed to the assemblers who have specific needs, such as high performance, and using a computer with a water-cooled memory. Meanwhile, on the other line, LoVo is the right choice for PCs with energy efficiency. That conveyed Kingston


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