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Google in the demo

Over a hundred people demonstrated outside the Google offices in California, United States. They were protesting plans by the data arrangement Google and Verizon.

Two of these companies want to differentiate services with wireless cable and special content. This plan will create a provider to give priority to online traffic.

The demonstrators oppose the plan because it is considered will create a service "pay-to-play". They asked Google switched its motto, "Do not Be Evil".

"Companies like Google have benefited from the Internet free and open, but the plan will destroy them," said James Rucker of, one non-governmental organizations that demonstrate.

Rucker accused, Verizon's proposal would make Internet neutrality has been polluted due to differentiation. "We want all stand up together to make sure the Internet is maintained for the future. We expect Google to lead neutrality, not on the front line not to do it," Rucker said as quoted by the BBC, Saturday, August 14, 2010.

The demonstrators are then gave the box a petition to Google. This petition signed by 300 thousand supporters claimed neutrality of the internet.

Google's Head of Public Policy, Nicklas Lundblad, declared, these demonstrations are an important issue and should be discussed. "Google is the main supporter of the Internet that is open and we see we have several key protections in the plan with Verizon and it's very important than no protection at all," says Lundblad


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